Sunday, January 22, 2017

Down Constitution to Trump's hotel

The March continued along Constitution. Many marchers were sitting on the stairs of the National Archives, an appropriate resting place as the National Archives houses the US Constitution.  Many of the marchers turned on 12th toward Pennsylvania -- Trump's hotel, once the Old Post Office, is on the corner of Pennsylvania and 12th.   Police stood behind the barricades.  They did nothing to prevent marchers from leaving their signs at the barricades.  A statue of Ben Franklin is a the front the hotel.  He, too, joined the march.

D.C. Police rock - and they did not arrest a single marcher!!  This is at 7th coming out of the Mall, and turning left on Constitution

I told the horse he was handsome. He bowed his head to me, acknowledging my compliment.  

The National Archives

Marching down Constitution

Federal Triangle:  it is now after 4 p.m.  Some marchers heading home - long line at Federal Triangle on 12th Street,

Many marchers leave their signs at the barriers surrounding Trump's hotel 

Statue of Ben Franklin in front of hotel - building was one the Old Post Office. Ben founded the USPS,   Ben joined the march, too.

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