Sunday, January 22, 2017

Getting ready for the March

The alarm went off at 6:00 a.m.  Not the usual time for a Saturday, but also not the usual Saturday.  At age 62, I mistakenly thought that the war on women, our bodies, our reproductive rights, on people of color, gays, transgender ... well, really a war on nearly every American was largely won.  Silly me.  I am a person of faith (Lutheran) who is a liberal.  Proud of being a liberal.

 I laid out most everything the night before - jeans, socks, walking sneakers, a shirt to wear underneath the official march long sleeve t-shirt.  Watch.  Fanny pack with phone charger, extra camera batter, driver's license, credit card, Metro card.  A small carry bag with a small bag of popcorn, a banana, two granola bars, rain poncho and light jacket.  Overcast skies, but temperature was in the mid-50s. Fine weather in January.  Nice weather for a march.    A mall bowl of cereal for breakfast, half a cup of coffee.   Don't want to worry about the inconvenience of not being able to find a loo in a huge crowd.

Arrived at the Franconia Metro in Springfield, Virginia.  Level 3 (the main level) was nearly full..  Parked on level 2.  Metro was running on a modified Saturday schedule.  The Blue Line is the only line for Springfield, except during Rush Hour, when the Yellow Rush Plus comes to Springfield.  Thank you, Metro, for adding Yellow Line trains for the march.  Transferred to the Blue Line at L'Enfant Plaza for two stops to South Capital.   DC Police were outside Metro stops, and there were also March volunteers at street corners, all ready to provide assistance.

I realized I needed assistance,  I took a few photos on the subway, and then noticed the flashing "No card" on my camera,  What the fork!  Oh, no,  I forgot to remove the memory card from the computer the night before after transferring photos off an engagement party that I took a few weeks earlier.  Oh fork!  I asked the volunteer for assistance, and she recommended a CVS a few blocks away.

First stop, though, was the Church of the Reformation, an ELCA Lutheran Church, which is across the street from the Folger Shakespeare Library.   I am a member of an ELCA congregation in Alexandria, VA, so it was only natural to head to Reformation for their Continental breakfast and inclusive religious service. Enjoyed a bagel, an apple and a small cup of coffee, and signed my name to a map of the US - showing where we all came from.

[Men and women from all over the US got on planes, and in cars and buses to come to Washington, to take part in the march.]

 A number of mainstream churches, including Reformation, St. Mark's (Episcopal) and a Methodist church, all in the Capitol Hill area, offered food and bathrooms. )   Faith and social justice go hand in hand.   Jesus would certainly approve.

After the service, I headed straight for the CVS, about four blocks away, and yes, they sell memory cards.  Yea. Phew.   Made a pit stop at the Methodist church, and then walked back to Reformation to take a few pictures.

Capitol Hill

The chocolate chip mini muffins were yummy - thanks Methodist church

One of the Lutheran pastors at Reformation

the sanctuary of the Church of the Reformation
Church of the Reformation
Lutherans think of every need

The map where visitors signed,  I signed somewhere on the right around Virginia.



  1. That is my collar! Thanks for stopping by Reformation on your way in! Can I download some of the photos at our church to use for our website/facebook/interwebs?

  2. absolutely my pleasure. Just credit Marlene A. Eilers Koenig